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A new home is more than just a home. It’s an integral part of your life story and the memories you and your family make. I understand how important it is that all of your needs are being met before you make such a momentous decision.  

3 Step Process to Buying Your New Home

My goal is to help you land your dream home in your neighborhood of choice. To achieve this, I take a 3-Step Buying Approach:

1. Buyer Consultation

First things first, I will host an initial Buyer Consultation with you.

Here, we will get to know each other and I can get an idea of exactly what are the most important, non-negotiable things for you when choosing a home. This may include discussing things such as your ultimate wish-list, your most desired neighbourhoods to live in, and your budget.

From there, I will lay out the buying process and explain every step, from financial approval to taking possession. My goal is to set you up for success from Day 1 and make sure you understand the ins and outs of what can be a complex logistical and emotional transaction.

2. The Search

Following our meeting, my team will begin our search for the best home for you.

Our proactive approach goes beyond merely finding the best listings on MLS. We will deliver personalized listings to your inbox that match your buying criteria with parameters set by you.

We also utilize a search tool called Realm that notifies you each time a property meeting your criteria hits the market. In addition, you will have access to my personal Keller Williams App, a search tool that will give us the opportunity to interact and collaborate on searching and viewing properties together.

On top of all this, I will tap into a vast network of trusted contacts who will provide exclusive access to off-market opportunities that you won’t find on MLS. My team also sends personalized letters to home-owners in neighbourhoods that you want to live in, helping you find choice properties before they even arrive on MLS!

3. Closing Process

Once you have found your dream home, I will walk you through all the closing details and explain all of the costs to you so that there are no surprises.

To ensure that you are getting the most value for your money, I will provide you with expert analysis on home valuations and bidding strategies. As I have a lot of experience with multi-offer situations, I will guide you through this should it arise, and will also negotiate on your behalf with the seller.


Supporting You Through Every Step of the Home Buying Process.

All in all, I am not only here to deliver you the home of your dreams, but also to make the buying process as smooth and hassle-free for you as possible. My commitment is to always be on your side and to stand up for your best interests. This means helping you make the best decision for your needs and ensuring that you have no doubts that the deal that was made was the best possible one.  

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