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Buying an investment property in the GTA

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2019 is off to a great start minus some inconsistent weather, but we have the cure for any one experiencing winter blues or any optimists looking to make 2019 twice as nice as 2018.

Colour therapy never hurt and we know you like to keep your home looking fresh and forward all year round, so we gathered up some of the most talked about trends in decoration & design and snuggled them up here for you to peruse.

Colour Trends:

Tones of stone, earth, forest and sky define this year’s paint picks. From sophisticated pale blues, pinkish greys, and energetic rust shades to deep green hues and elegant ashen blues, the selections can make for a soothing natural palette, or a brooding industrial look, so you can introduce one colour or incorporate them all. Either way, your home is primed for a fashion-forward fix.

Tile Trends:

Tiles are having a moment. Be it your natural, industrial, or eclectic, tiles have an answer to complete the look. Ceramics offer ample artful possibilities to suit any style. Here are 6 of the best new ideas we’ve seen in 2019:

  1. Wild wallcovering
  2. Sizable Slabs
  3. Textured Treatment
  4. Heavy Metal
  5. The new Encaustic
  6. Terrazzo take-back

Furniture Trends:

Your home maybe taking a trip to the woods, the factory the 80s or maybe even the roaring 20s. We’ve seen natural wood and sustainable furniture rise into the limelight, bringing a calming, holistic atmosphere to the home, reminding us of life and growth. To counter, metal, steel and industrial inspired furnishings have also become desirable in the home, for perhaps the more oblique, dour of us to revel in the end. Running right between these two of course is the maximalist (as I’m sure we’ve heard uttered too many a time since summer 2018) with the aforementioned bold patterning, contrasting colours, stand-out tiling and a return to the 80’s and Art-Deco shapes and cuts for everything from your couch to your pup’s bed.